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Washington Post: 411 Warehouse Parties Rule!

Holla out to all our DC party people, check out the article in this weeks Washington Post weekend section on the 411 Warehouse and Wild North here. (disregard the date for the next party). Stay tuned for more news and info on upcoming events!!!


Grand Opening of U Street Music Hall Tonight

Tonight is the grand opening of the U St. Music Hall, a space on 12th and U devoted to great sound and a no bullshit vibe. I had a chance to venture into the basement space last night, and I have to say, I’m psyched for the potential of this place. For most of the night DJ Will Eastman was performing a set at about a third of the sound system’s potential volume. At one point co-owner Jesse Tittsworth walked up to the booth and cranked the master…it was a face melting barrage of sound. Seriously, dangerous shit.

Check out their Facebook page here

Starks & Nacey – Time Run Out/Lydia

Steve Starks and Nacey (2/3 of the Nouveau Riche) will be releasing their second EP “Time Run Out/Lydia” on Juno tomorrow, and on Brooklyn’s own T&A records next week . The EP includes 3 original tracks and remixes of the aforementioned including a number by Wild North’s own, Gavin Holland. It’s that heat…

Sami Y’s Dance With The Dutch List For NPR

Check out Sami Y’s song list, Dance With The Dutch, for NPR.

TJ’s Deep Cut of the Week – Midfield General

Maybe not the deepest of the deep, but when I was shopping around last weekend and saw this baby I couldn’t let it pass. I first heard “Reach Out” some years ago at a friend’s basement show/party between two punk sets and that was it, if there was ever a specific moment in which I was turned onto the art of DJing and “the dig”, that was the one. Midfield General, (Damian Harris), was one of the original founders of Skint records, best known for their huge success releasing Fatboy Slim and perfecting the big beat sound of the mid-90’s. Check it out, the first three tracks are included on the 12”, but I threw in the Space Raiders Mix for kicks even though it was only included on the CD re-release, LOVE IT.

Midfield General feat. Linda Lewis – Reach Out (Original Mix)

Midfield General – Triangle (Original Mix)

Midfield General feat. Linda Lewis – Reach Out (Hakan Remix)

Midfield General feat. Linda Lewis – Reach Out (Space Raiders Remix)

Dave Nada: Moombahton

According to Dave Nada and Fader Magazine, Nada is responsible for creating his own electro genre, called “moombahton”. Born out of a basement party that Nada’s cousin played where he cut Chuckie’s “Moombah” to 3/4 speed. It’s the chopped and screwed version of electro house. You can read the article here

1. Dave Nada – Moombahton
2. Dave Nada – Riverside (Moombahton Edit)
3. Dave Nada – Seductive Sound (Moombahton Edit)
4. Dave Nada – Ruffcut (Moombahton Edit)
5. Dave Nada – Ruffcut (Moombahton Dub)